Early Pictures

Steven’s step-mother and father, Anna and Andro Hrebik
June 23, 1912

Steven Rebeck Oct 21, 1907 ( age 16)

Andrew, Steven, and John Rebeck
 March 13, 1910

Steven Rebeck as an amateur wrestler (lower right)

A playful Steven Rebeck prepares to be a Caterpiller for the May 23, 1912 Spring Play of the Cleveland School of Art:

Joseph Motto (left) and unidentified man
with Matzen’s Tom L. Johnson Monument

Steven Rebeck, Lester Majer (?), and Joseph Motto 1915

Steven Rebeck (middle)

Steven Rebeck WWI

The 97th Aero Squadron (Rebeck on far right, front row)

Steven Rebeck December 1918

Steven A. Rebeck, young man

Steven Rebeck (shirt with A) and friends

Joseph Motto at work