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Carves Vision of Boyhood as Ragged Newsie, Cleveland Leader (?), found in Cleveland Institute of Art Scrapbook, circa 1915

Cleveland Sculptors at Work - Cleveland Topics, July 1, 1916

Cleveland's Greatest Sculptor Resumes Studio - Cleveland Topics, July 5, 1919

Sculptor's Fiance Detained on Ship - New York Times, March 1, 1920

His Stout Fists - Cleveland Plain Dealer, March 1, 1920

Why Did Public Go Straight? - Cleveland Plain Dealer, September 22, 1963

He Carved a Name for Himself - Cleveland Press, October 1, 1971

Sprightly Pin Spiller - Cleveland Kegler, March 27, 1972


The following is a script for a local Cleveland radio show that featured Rebeck in 1962:

The Sculptor - Editorial Features, Inc.