The story of my struggles to become an artist are romantic, with the proverbial attic and all, but I want the work to speak for itself—everything that I think or want to express, I put into that.”
Steven A. Rebeck

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The following is a list of works which I have identified by means of newspaper articles, books, discovery or accepted for competition in the records of the Cleveland artist's May Show. In most cases a picture can be clicked on to see a larger image for study. I am always looking to add to this list - especially for those works known to be Rebeck's (see above) but without links to a found image or more detailed information.

Sun Dial (1910-1911)
Dancing Girl (1915)
Fountain of a Boy with Butterfly (1915)
– Collaboration with Joseph C. Motto
Water Bearer Fountain (1916)
– Collaboration with Joseph C. Motto
Fort Huntington Memorial (1916)
– Collaboration with Joseph C. Motto
Fountain of Pan (1916)
– Collaboration with Joseph C. Motto; Copyright
Bust of Shakespeare (1916)
– Collaboration with Joseph C. Motto
Statue of Moses Cleveland (1916-1917?)
– Collaboration with Joseph C. Motto and John L. Black
The Grease Hound (1918) - Cartoon
Penton Medal (1919-1921)
– Medallic Art Company
Margie - 4 1/2 Yrs (1920's)
Steven Rebeck, Jr. Medallion (1920’s)
Penton Medal (1922)
– Medallic Art Company
Portrait Head of Charles C. (1922)
– 1922 May Show
Study of a Head at Three Weeks (1923)
– 1923 May Show
Study of a Head at Three Months (1923)
– 1923 May Show
Portrait Relief (1923)
– 1923 May Show
Children's Hands (1923)
WWI Doughboy (1923) Stamford, CT and other locations
Portrait of CB (1924) – 1924 May Show
Bust of Charles D. Dawe (1924)
– 1924 May Show
Miss Helene Johnson, Low Relief (1924)
– 1924 May Show
Miss Hilda R, Low Relief (1924)
– 1924 May Show
Fania (1924)
– 1924 May Show
WWI Doughboy (1924) Enid, OK
Alliance Soldiers’ Memorial (1924)
Lincoln Bookends (1920's)
H.J. Fry Medallion (1925)
– 1925 May Show
P.E. Bunnell Medallion (1925)
– 1925 May Show
Benny Boynton (1927, 1928, 1933)
Burton G. Tremaine III – 1928 May Show
Bust of an Old Man (1930’s)
Sphinx for the St. Louis Civic Courts Building (1930)
Votteler Organ Company (1930)
– 1930 May Show, Medallic Art Company
Horace Carr (1930)
– 1930 May Show
Lorin Black (1930)
– 1930 May Show
Rt. Rev Joseph Schrembs, D.D. Medallion, (1930)
– 1930 May Show
Edison Lamp Works Plaquette (1930)
– Medallic Art Company
In Memorium (1931) - 1931, 1933 May Show Submission
Rock of Notre Dame (1931)
– Copyrights
Chapel Bookends (1931)
– Copyright
Franklin D. Roosevelt Plaque (1933)
Nathan Hale Portrait Plaque (1934)
Thomas Jefferson Portrait Plaque (1934)
John Marshall Portrait Plaque (1934)

Jane Addams Portrait Plaque (1934)
Ceramic Study of a Head at Three Weeks (1934)
– 1934 May Show
Ceramic Study of a Head at Three Months (1934)
– 1934 May Show
Sheila Baseball Figures (1937)
– Copyright
Brigantine Ship; Lady Vase and Peacock - 1937
– Copyrights
Cleveland Chamber of Commerce Medal (1939)
– Medallic Art Company
Enchantress (1940)
– Copyright
Ice Cream Mold (1940's?)
Arthur L Parker Plaque (1944)
Chief Wahoo (1947)
– attributed
Cactus Plaque (late 1940's)
– Attributed
Rt. Rev. Monsignor Bartholomew J. Ponikvar Plaque
(1950's?) – St. Vitus Catholic Church
Fourteen Stations of the Cross (1940’s-1950’s?)
Madonna and Child (1940’s-1950’s)
Parkie (1943)
Slovak League of America Plaquette (1948)
– Medallic Art Company
St. Joseph the Provider (1950's-1960's?)
– St. Vincent Charity Hospital
Porter Westlake Library Plaque (1950's-1960's)
Eloy Alfaro Bust (1951)
Rev. Monsignor Nicholas Monaghan Plaque (1957)
President Harry S. Truman Plaque (1957)
Alaskan Statehood (1959)
– Heraldic  Art Medal
Hawaiian Statehood (1959)
– Heraldic  Art Medal
Joseph Aveni Plaque (1960's)
Archbishop Edward F. Hoban Distinguished Service Medal (1963)
Medallic Art Company
John F. Kennedy 1917-1963 Plaque (1963)
Bust of John F. Kennedy (1963)
John F. Kennedy Plaque (1965)
Grant T. Anthorp (1969)
Bust of Mayor Carl B. Stokes (1970's?)

Tom Houvouras VFW 1064 Plaque (ca. 1972)

Works by Other Sculptors on Which Rebeck Worked

Sculptural Decorations for the Manhattan Bridge (1914) – Carl Heber
The Goose Girl (1914)
– Karl Bitter
Tom L. Johnson Monument (1915)
– Herman Matzen
Victory Arch (1919)
– Carl Heber