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This section is reserved for information on other Cleveland artists, sculptors, companies, and the like that I have come across in the course of my research.


Frank N. Wilcox Autobiography

Frank Nelson Wilcox (1887-1964) was a famous Cleveland painter. Here are some selections from an unpublished autobiography by Frank N. Wilcox.  The manuscript can be found in the Frank N. Wilcox Papers, 1906-1976 at the Archives of American Art at the Smithsonian Institution.  Wilcox writes that it was “written primarily to record the circumstances of the Art World in the City of Cleveland during my lifetime and from the point of view of the participant.”  What follows are transcriptions of those selections I thought interesting enough at the time to copy.

Other Cleveland Artists

John Lorin Black
Edward Geiselman
Frank Jirouch
Max Kalish
Herman Matzen
Jessica McMurray
Joseph C. Motto
Walter A. Sinz


Here are some selections