Chief Wahoo (1947)

This 8 inch chalkware rendition of the Cleveland Indian's Baseball Mascot "Chief Wahoo" was sculpted by Steven Rebeck and produced by Mazzolini Artcraft Co, Cleveland. The bottom is stamped by Mazzolini with the date 1947 also stating patent had been applied for by the Cleveland Baseball Corporation. This was the only year of production.

That it is Rebeck's is attested to by his family, the recollection of the current owner/operator of Mazzolini Artcraft Co and a copy is on a Rebeck studio shelf in a 1956 photograph.

It is said these were mass produced as giveaways to promote fan appreciation of the Indians in the same way bobbleheads are distributed today. Being made of chalkware, they easily broke and remaining items sell for hundreds of dollars on internet auction sites.


Photos by Dave Rebeck