Tom Houvouras Plaque (ca. 1972)

The image above belongs to the estate collection of Steven Rebeck and appears to be a rough plaster casting.

The cap having VFW 1064 led to communication with the Post's quartermaster revealing the Huntington, WV Post is in possession of a commemorative 18x32 inch bronze plaque currently in storage. The 7 inch bust is identified as Tom Houvouras (1893-1972).

Tom was admired in this town of 50,000 not only as a WW I veteran and longstanding post member, but in particular because he helped local WW II enlistees as they prepared to leave for war by train a few blocks from the downtown post.

Assuming this was a commissioned work after this individual's death (1972), it may well be one of the last sculptures Rebeck completed.

A photo of the actual plaque will be added when available.