Unidentified Works

Please help find these works! These are both finished products and castings for which no name or actual work is known. There are four sets. The first are items from the estate of Steven Rebeck, Sr., presumably from his home. The second set is a group of 9 bronze plaques purchased in the Cleveland area from a auction/thrift shop in 2014. The third set is a trio of auctioned bronze Plaquettes. The fourth set of images are castings from photographs of the interior of Steven Rebeck's Studio. Some are unfortunately unclear due to photograph detail.

Some enhancements have been made digitally to better depict a work. To see an original image, click on an item and a larger unaltered image will open for your review.

If you can contribute any information, please send a note under "Contact" with item name, number and your discovery details. Thank you!

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Section One - Items from Rebeck's estate found after his passing in 1975. ID numbers begin with "E." and any research information available to date is included.

E-1 Yawman & Erbe 1930

Friendship between Philip Yawman (1839-1921) and Gustav Erbe (1852-1931) began before 1880 when they left Bausch & Lomb to begin their own company, Yawman and Erbe Manufacturing Co, Rochester, NY. Beginning with some microscopes, the greatest majority of their company was making and selling office furniture, especially desks and cabinets. It appears Rebeck was commissioned to create this 1930 commemorative plaque with his signature on the shoulder of the image left.

* * * * *

E-2 Samuel Rosenthal (1885-1957)

Rosenthal founded (1915) and presided over the Cleveland Overall Co. His passing seemed noted by this casting. From what appear to be two "feet" on the right, perhaps this was a two sided paperweight, not a wall hanging. Rebeck signed this S.A.R. on the viewer's right shoulder.

* * * * *

E-3 Elvadore R. Fancher

Elvadore R. Fancher became the first governor (president) of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland on November 2, 1914, and held the position until his death on January 16, 1935. While Rebeck's signature is absent, it being in his estate strongly suggests it is his work. The name Fencher appears to be penciled on the plaster casting. Contact with the Cleveland Federal Reserve did not lead to a finished product. Mention of a bust of the late Fancher by Rebeck was mentioned in The Plain Dealer (Cleveland) newspaper May 20, 1935 page 12.

* * * * *

E-4 American Stamping Company

History of this company is unknown. The estate casting, signed S.A.R, (above "O"hio) looks typical of a company logo. Ebay frequently has a "vintage" 4 and 5/8 inch metal ashtray for bid, est. ca. 1930-1950, with striking similarity. There is also a letter opener with a colored version. Both look like promotion items. Any information welcome.

* * * * *

E-5 Pius XII

No known bronze product of this estate plaster casting is known. Rebeck's identity is S.R. under the viewers right arm.

* * * * *

E-6 Fred Arthur Daw

The identity of Fred Arthur Daw is currently unknown nor do any artistic records name him. However, it is interesting Rebeck had these two low relief castings in his estate, one dated 1924, the other not. Rebeck's signature is above the word "FRED."

* * * * *

E-7 Unknown

This estate plaster casting is dated 1924. However, the nature of the plaquette doesn't match entries in that year's Cleveland Art Museum "May Show." Identity unknown.

* * * * *

E-8 Unknown and E-9 Unknown

These castings have been inverted in contrast to better show detail. The image on the left has S.A.R under the hair and on the right his full characteristic signature on the collar.

* * * * *

E-10 Unknown and E-11 Unknown

The refinement of the left, identified as S.A.R. makes one wonder if it is one of the women from the 1924 May Show as well as some others. The image on the right looks less refined and is unsigned, but, being part of Rebeck's estate, is presumed to be his work.

* * * * *

E-12 Korean War Grave Marker

This estate item (left) bears no signature. The image on the right is found in Pennsylvania graveyards. Either Rebeck created or imitated this work. Any information welcome. On the back of of the estate casting is a penciled date: 2-21-57.

* * * * *

E-13 Unknown and E-14 Unknown

One would think these are VIP commissions, but no original products or identification have yet been found. Written on the left is the name Geo. W Codrigton (upper left corner). There is no Rebeck ID. Rebeck had been known to misspell names and there happened to be a Geo. W Codrington who established a Foundation beginning with his name in 1955 which made annual grants to non-profit educational and medical projects. This is the more likely name of this image.

The unnamed casting on the right bears no name but is signed by Rebeck's characteristic signature near the end of the lapel on the viewers' right.

* * * * *

E-15 Susan B. Anthony

This nicely done relief has Rebeck's classic signature on the viewer's right shoulder and the composition name is scratched on the casting. No known product has been discovered.

* * * * *

E-16 Unknown and E-17 Unknown

The work on the left is signed SAR on the viewer's lower left. The right estate image does not have a signature. It appears to be a clergy from the type of collar. Rebeck predominantly sculpted Catholic priests.

* * * * *

E-18 Howard Dorsey and E-19 Unknown

Neither of these works bear Rebeck's initials but nevertheless these plaster castings were in his estate. The words beneath the shoulders of the left image are Howard Dorsey. That name is also penciled on the casting reverse.

* * * * *

E-20 Possible Coin Sample

This unsigned unknown item in Rebeck's estate looks like a prototype for a coin. (He had designed two Commemorative 50 cent pieces as part of the Heraldic Art Project (see "Alaskan and Hawaiin Statehood entried under "Works." This image suggests a "rough" sample piece with a sailor and infrantryman in battle on the left and a conestoga wagon near mountains on the right.

* * * * *

E-21 The Hiker of 98

The Hiker of (18)98 was a popular symbol and subject of many different statutes and plaques representing veterans of the Spanish-American War. This casting from Rebeck's estate doesn't bear his name. There is simply a copyright "c" lower right. There was a Toledo Camp from 1901-1972. Records and memorabilia are archived at the University of Toledo but a listing of items does not mention a plaque.

* * * * *

E-22 Wendell L.Willkie and E-23 Franklin D. Roosevelt

Wendell Willkie was a lawyer and Republican nominee for President against Democrat Franklin Roosevelt in 1940. Rebeck signed this casting "S.R" above the double "l" of Wendell. A Willkie casting was also on the wall in Rebeck's studio - Wall Plaque 5 in the Studie section below.

The casting on the right is of Roosevelt signed "S.A.R" above the first name Franklin. One might imagine these were produced to be a set, but only forms of the Roosevelt are found in bronze products. See Franklin D. Roosevelt Plaque (1933) under "Works."

* * * * *

E - 24 and E - 25

Both of these estate works are unsigned and have been enhanced digitally to better show detail. The subject of the right suggests the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company as Akron, location of the company headquarters, is but an hour drive south of Cleveland and home to the blimps and hangers as on the casting.. Perhaps there was a contest for a company logo.

* * * * *

E - 26

These views of an identified child's plaster bust in Rebeck's estate are also confirmed as his with his characteristic signature under the shoulder line on the right image. No other copy or version has yet been found.

* * * * *

E - 27

Rebeck had 7 commissioned medals produced by the Medallic Art Co. At the approach of their 50th anniversary (1950), an open competition was held for a medal commemorating their anniversary. Rebeck appears to be among the hundreds of entries but the above presumed entry did not win.

* * * * *

E - 28 and E - 29 Beatles

While Rebeck's style in artwork was realism with disapproval of the trend toward the abstract, he did have a whimsical side. A view of his studio shelves shows figures that seem to come from a cartoon. The plaque on the left is a delicate example. While unsigned, the Beatles casting is another, buth found in his estate.

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Section two - a set of 8 bronze plaques purchased in the Southwest Cleveland area from a auction/thrift shop around 2014. The purchaser was told they may have come from a building being demolished. That purchaser was gracious in gifting them to the Rebeck family in 2016 after finding this site!

Their identity remains unknown. It is likely a professional grouping such as a medical or legal office. They are solid brass and 7 inches in diameter. Each is signed S A REBECK above a shoulder. Click on any to see a larger version for study.

Bronze - 1 and Bronze - 2

Bronze - 3 and Bronze - 4

Bronze - 5 and Bronze - 6

Bronze - 7 and Example of a reverse

Bronze - 7 was also a plaster casting in the Rebeck estate. The reverse had penciled H-Hoosiea or perhaps Hoos 1 ea(ch).

Along with these seven plaques by Rebeck was one of the same nature by J(oseph) Turkaly. The sequence in relation to Rebeck's is unknown.

Bronze - 8 Sculpted by J. Turkaly

* * * * * * * * * *

Section Three - trio of auctioned bronze Plaquettes

In 2014, a trio of plaques were auctioned in California then broken up and sold on Ebay. Present whereabouts unknown. The three plaques were mounted vertically on a wooden board measuring 22.5"h x 5.5"w x 1.75"d. The bronze plaques are approximately 3 inches wide and 5 inches high.

The top right image is signed S A R in the shoulder regions (click on any for a larger image); the other two are S A Rebeck. It is tempting to think some or all are Works listed but not yet identified in 1924 or 1925. Unfortunately, no extant pictures of those May Show entries has yet been found.

A plaster casting of one of them was found in Rebeck's estate collection, upper right.

* * * * * * * * * *

Section Four - these are images from photographs of Steven Rebeck's studio or a few from printed articles. None have final works known to be completed. Some are unclear as they are greatly enlarged from photograph scans. For that reason, there are no larger images if you click on an item as in most of this site.

Wall Plaques 1 and 2 (above)

Wall Plaques 3 and 4 (above)

Shelf Statute 1 (two views above)

Wall Plaques 5 and 6 (above)
(Plaque 5, above left, Wendell L. Willkie)

Wall Plaques 7 and 8 (above)

Wall Medallions 10 and 11 (above)

Wall plaques 12 and 13 (above)

Wall Plaques 14 and 15 (above) (on right, Hamid Bey"

Wall Medallions 16 and 17 (above)

Wall Plaque 18 (above)

Wall Plaque 19 (above)

Wall Medallions 20 and 21 (above)

Wall Medallions 22 and 23 (above)

Wall Medallions 24 and 25 (above)

National Chiropractic Association #26 (above)

Wall Plaque 27 George Trundle and Wall Plaque 28 Herbert Markham (above)

Wall Plaque 29 Cooper Bessener (above)

Cooper Bessemer vintage engine plaque from the internet

Wall Plaque 30 Steven Rebeck's Medal Collection (above)

Wall Medallion 31 (above)

Wall Plaque 32 (above)

Wall Plaques 33 and 34 (above)

Wall Plaque 35 and vintage National Farm Youth Foundation ad (above)

Studio 6 (above)

Wall Plaques 36 and 37 (above)

Wall Plaques 38 and 39 (above) (39 is approx. 5 feet tall)

Studio 7 Unknown Statute and Studio 8 Unknown Sculpture (possibly Portrait of C.B. of 1924 May Show) above

Wall Plaque 40 (above left) and Rebeck Hearth 1 - 4 inch medal (above right)

Wall Plaque 42

Wall Plaques 43 and 44 above

Wall Plaque 45 above and Wall Plaque 46 - Paul was Rebeck's middle son

Studio 9 (above) - Unknown bust statute