Portrait Head of Charles C. (1922)

Image from
The Cleveland Museum of Art Archives, Registrar’s Office Loan and Editorial Photographs, May Show Objects,
Portrait Bust of Charles C. [John C.] by Steven Rebeck
Used by Permission


This bust was exhibited in the 1922 May Show and won first place in the Modeling for Sculpture category as well as the Penton Medal.  It was also exhibited again in 1924 at the 119th Annual Exhibition of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer wrote:  “His work is characterized by sureness and delicacy and in this prize winning bust, which was awarded the Penton medal of excellence, the fineness and strength of the modeling are particularly apparent.”  And the Fine Arts Review wrote: “It is a noble head, finely done.  It is the head of a thinker!  Not Rodin’s “The Thinker,” which illustrates primitive man apparently experiencing his first process of thought, but the intelligent, modern enlightened man, who is continually drawing in the breath of the Eternal and whose soul not only communes with, but is Life, Truth Divine.”


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