Enchantress (1940)

I came across a reference to this work while doing research at the Copyright Office in the Library of Congress.  The full title on the entry is “Enchantress (Figure of young woman on base with supporting column)” (Entry G 35140).  It is one of nine copyright entries attributing Steven Rebeck as the sculptor.  The copyright was registered to Louis Ainsworth Butler on March 8, 1940. His address is listed as 767 Westborne Ave., Zanesville, Ohio.  The copyright was never renewed and has since expired.  Unfortunately the Library of Congress no longer has the deposit for this piece.

I have not been able to find much information on Butler.  A few searches on the internet indicated that he owned the Ohio Porcelain Company of Zanesville in the 1940’s.  Such being the case, I assume that it is a ceramic piece.  Any information on Butler, the Ohio Porcelain Company, or this piece would be much appreciated.