Penton Medal (1922)

Images from Medallic Art Co., used with permission

The Penton Medal was redesigned in 1922 (also by Rebeck) as a 3 inch plaquette.  The exact reason for the redesign is unknown.  The plaquette was also struck by the Medallic Art Company, but this time in bronze only.  1922 was also the last year the medal was awarded.  Rebeck won the medal that year for his “Portrait Head of Charles C.”

Penton Plaquette Obverse Small.jpg   Penton Plaquette Reverse Small.jpg

Both 1919 and 1922 medals were exhibited at the Exhibition of American Sculpture held in New York City by the National Sculpture Society in 1923.



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Also thanks to Dick Johnson who provided information on the Medallic Art Company medals.