Sheila Baseball Figures (1937)

baseball fielder.jpg             baseball fielder 2.jpg

The following entry was found in the Catalog of Copyright Entries:

Sheila, Inc. 7063-7080
Rebeck (Stephen A.)  Baseball batter, C. – Baseball catcher, B – Baseball fielder, E, F – Baseball pitcher, D – Baseball umpire, A © 1 c. each July 7, 1937: G 26291-26296

These were hollow-cast lead toy figures.  Rodney Hopson, a collector of toy figures for over 37 years, says that he has only come across a handful of these figures, maybe only ten.  He also pointed out that a few of these figures can be seen on Rebeck’s desk in two of the pictures of Rebeck’s studio.  The baseball fielder figure is pictured above (courtesy of Rodney’s Dimestore Gallery).

8 more players of this baseball "team" were created for Sheila, Inc, by artist Keith Frazine (Players G through N) © May 21, 1937 and are itemized in the Copyright Catalog of Part 4, 1937, Vol.32, No.2 pg.74.